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Yukon NVMT Night Vision with Headgear

Hands free Night Vision backed by the performance of a Yukon unit.

Yukon NVMT Night Vision with Headgear

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The Yukon NVMT Night Vision Unit with Head Gear Kit™ adds the convenience of hands-free night vision with the quality and performance of a 1×24 monocular. This 1×24 monocular uses no magnification in order to provide a clear image and prevent distortion or change in depth perception.

The detachable Head Mount is secured to the monocular in such a way that it can be flipped up when not in use. This unit is designed to be used with your right eye, and the integrated Pulse™ system IR illuminator can be activated independently to add the benefit of a pulsating infrared beam which enhances the night vision viewing capabilities.

The monocular can be easily detached from the Head Unit for independent hand-held use. The unit is backed by Yukon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Includes Night Vision Unit, Headgear, Wrist Strap and Protective Carrying Case

Call for Pricing – Cannot Be Shipped Outside the United States

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